What We Do

Atira Designs Pvt Ltd started its journey of crafting iconic home furnishing a quarter of a century ago. Our eclectic design house has a presence in more than 15 countries across five continents. Our expert team of designers and crafters cater to the demands of our prestigiousclients ranging from domestic everyday bargain brands to high-end luxury retail brands.


Atira creates art with fabric. With our roots in India, we source a variety of organic fabrics and textiles from around the country. We use natural materials like cottons, woolens, felts, jutes, linens and more. Each month we procure around 5—7 lakh meters of fabrics for both sampling and production. Here's a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes at Atira.


The design unit is the essence of Atira. A team of carefully selected stylists and creators with distinct and original visual sensibilities innovate new products designs and oversee their meticulous execution; churning out as many as 30-50 home furnishing arti- cles every day.


With our sourcing team spread all over India we pick fabrics from very specific corners. Jute from Kolkata; silks and brocades from Varanasi and Bangalore; cotton and cotton weaves from southern India; polyester from Gujarat. Fabrics that fail quality check are immediately returned to the suppliers.


Our crafters work on multiple mediums and are an ever-expanding team of expert embroiders, weavers, beaders, printers, and enzyme washers. All prints are made with hand-mixed colors and our designs often involves 8 to 15 screen stamps. Our embroiders bring in exquisite Indian styles to our designs like the famous satin stitch (Chikankari) and chain stitch (Aari). Our designs often involves intricate beading and thread work. Sometimes a single piece can take up to three hours of work. Still Atira produces around 180,000 pieces of exquisite home furnishings every month.


We are dedicated to employee welfare at Atira. We ensure a conducive and healthy work environment. Equal and fair treatment along with fair wages give us a satisfied work force . Over the last 15 years our staff turnover stands at less than 1 per cent. Our workshops follow strict first-aid and fire safety protocols.


Our workshops have been operational for over two decades, helping realize the vision of our designers and assisting the crafters with automation, increasing their speed and efficiency. We are constantly integrating technology into our production matrix, be it with digital printing machines or computerized embroidery. Creating a streamlined, mechanized production process is what has made it possible for us to meet the quality standards of the international market consistently over the years.


Atira Designs is a coming together of various skillsets to create a seamless process that enables us to reach you with quality products on time. Our qualified workforce is split into 12 departments, each responsible for executing an important step in the system. Sampling, designing, costing, merchandising, sourcing, testing, quality, manufacturing, finishing, filling, packaging, shipping, logistics, and accounts all ensure a smooth operational flow on the floors of Atira. All of these departments adhere to strict and lofty quality standards.

Atira Designs relies on its well-equipped in-house testing labs where all major textile tests are conducted. Further, all color approvals are verified with an in-house photo spectrometer (MCBETH) maintaining universal standards with the help of a calibrated lightbox.


Atira Designs Pvt Ltd is a government recognized export house. Recently, we received the NSIC—CRISIL Performance and Credit Rating award with an MSE 4* Rating. This puts us in the Above Average Credit Worthiness category compared to other MSEs. The government of India's Report for Atira Design private Limited also ranks us above average on financial strength and creditworthiness. We are also CT-PAT Compliant as per the standards of US customs. Moreover, Atira Designs has been certified by various internationally recognized companies and is acknowledged by a large majority of buyers in Europe, the USA and Canada.